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At the Jazz Club

by Dan & the Champs

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released June 5, 2009

Dan Barrett, Dom Lethbridge, Sam Hinton-Smith




Dan & the Champs London

We're all about the Power Trio.

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Track Name: Wooden Leg
Wooden leg, worn heart beating hard in your chest saying
"Yes, you nearly did it this time
Nearly, but not quite"
Her legs, your arms, your legs
slowly down the stairs
You're always missing the last step

Wooden leg, thick head thinking about your thin blood, thinking
"Are you looking at me?
Are you just kicking at leaves, or did you carve your heart into the tree?"
Her legs, your arms, your legs
slowly down the stairs
you fall over then you do it again and
Her legs, your arms, your legs
slowly down the stairs
You're always missing the last step

Your father had women hanging off his arm
And he came home late four nights a week full of wine
Smelling of every kind of French perfume
He said "son, is this what it means to be a man?"

How far with Russian literature get you now?
You're too nervous to drag your skinny body next to her
Too scared to be the ladies man like your father said,
Wooden leg.
Track Name: Hey, Rockstar!
Hey, rockstar
You look great - you're going straight to the top
Don't touch, you might cut yourself on your sunken cheeks
Have they given you a pot to piss in?
I hope that's someone else's money you're rubbing into your gums.

Lies, lies
Tear out your tongue.
You're no urchin prince
I've seen you sharing drinks with executives at the gentleman's club.

Hey, rockstar
You're in luck - the midweeks say your a fucking success so don't worry
Don't worry, we can keep your face in magazines
We can tell the children how to dream
It's just marketing, close your eyes you won't feel a thing.

Dance little monkey
Beat your little drum
Track Name: The Stripper Song
She walks in - bloodshot eyes, grey skin
You know she's been working up a sweat without you again.

"Dirty looks and dirty money wore you down
Wore you out, sweetheart
Too much time away from the sunlight took the shine from your skin
When did you get so thin?
Oh God, look at the mess we're in
I'm sorry I ruined everything
I said something stupid
I'm out of my mind with jealousy
Who've you seen? Who's seen you?
You never move that way for me
You used to push my buttons."

She walks in - knows full well where you've been
Face down in the drinking den, getting hungry with all the other lost men.
Track Name: Shutting Down for the Night
His first book was the best - too much self-absorbed shit in the rest
Still you let him take you out to dinner,
maybe dancing and some standards at the jazz club...

So the evening wears on and he's had enough to get him talking freely
And he's throwing his fists around

All he ever wanted was to catch lightning in a bottle
But all that's shining through that glass is reflected off another man
And he's confused whiskey and faint praise with electricity

They're shutting down for the night
Let him get on stage and stand under the spotlight
Too flat-out drunk to make the sentiment sound right

How can this be happening?
Run and tell his family that his blood is worthless after all
And he stole all his best ideas from a toilet wall.

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